Getting to Know Troy Patruno

Troy Patruno is a native New Yorker who moved to Las Vegas for the first time in 1998. He originally got here two months before the Bellagio opened! Back then, people would invariably tell him how much Las Vegas had changed up until that point. Troy moved down to Miami for a bit but ended back up in Las Vegas. Twenty years later, he is the one telling all the new residents how much it has changed, emulating that truth as the truth had expressed it to him in the '90s.

Troy has always had a passion for fashion. Troy says, "being around New York at the time, living there, it exposed me to the bigger picture of fashion and retail." This and Troy's drive to design, fed by the many years of lessons and practice, evolved into an interest of "how art and commerce could meet in many ways whether it's a fashion whether it's art, and somewhere along the line there's a creative process, then there's dollars and cents."

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Troy's passion inevitably leads him to have a dual major in college, taking accounting and finance. His goal was to discover "how could this creative product be a viable 'dollars and cents' kind of business and how do those things connect."

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