OUT In Las Vegas at EDIT

Troy Patruno, the owner of the new EDIT Las Vegas, is no stranger to fashion and retail. He has worked in the New York fashion scene and has even worked in some notable retail stores here on the Las Vegas Strip, including stores inside the Forum Shops.

Troy, like a lot of us, had a reasonable amount of time available in lockdown, and Troy mentions, "I sketched out what I thought just the shape and the square footage of my dream store would be. How much room would I need? How would I fixture a space like this? I've opened and renovated so many retail spaces for so many other companies. That part was not foreign to me; I just never had to do it myself."

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Troy had always been conceptualizing, "I had had this concept in my brain for a long time and some of which had even made it to my pad, you know I'm a yellow pad kind of person, and some of it made it to my legal pad."

Troy sympathizes, "I would not have done this a year ago in march of 2020 when the whole world was closed down because we didn't know any better. I would not have wanted to be a small business stuck in that position, and my heart goes out to them. Those landlords as well that was not an easy situation for anybody."

After sketching, planning, and waiting for the best moment, Troy shared, "a year later in 2021 I felt that this was the time." Troy continues to say, "funny enough. Still, I live in Las Vegas, where six months of the year is summer, but I'm not such a spring awakenings kind of person. Still, I felt like this particular spring had a real kind of back-to-life connotation. People were beginning to get out and about a little bit more"

From the conceptualization until now, Troy has undergone some major creative and development spirts that have inevitably lead him to open one of his handcrafted dream stores, EDIT Las Vegas. It's not just a home goods and book store; it's also an art gallery showcasing different local Las Vegas artists monthly, every First Friday.

Click here to learn more about the owner of EDIT Las Vegas, Troy Patruno: bit.ly/fnftroyp